Mitox 251C Bent Shaft Strimmer

Product Number: 251C

€ 199.00

The Mitox 251C is an exceptionally light, yet powerful bent shaft petrol grass trimmer. Unique benefits of this trimmer are full anti-vibration of the engine from the shaft to improve customer comfort, and a powerful 25.4cc engine. A perfect lightweight trimmer for homeowners, the 251C is ideal for light trimming duties around the lawn and garden.


  • Engine: 25.4cc 2-Stroke
  • Power: 0.70kW
  • Handle Type: Loop
  • Metal Blade: No
  • Weight: 5.1kg
  • Warranty: 2 year homeowner


  • Light Weight: The 251C is light weight machine that comes in at just 4.7kg.
  • Bump-Feed Cutting Head: This style of strimmer head spools out nylon line with a simple bump on the ground.  This feature easily ensures a consistent supply of trimmer line without the need to leave the operating position to attend to the cutting head.
  • Anti-Vibration Points: This machine has been fitted with important anti-vibration mounts which dramatically reduce levels of vibration, meaning the machine will be more comfortable to use for longer.
  • Full Crank Engines: All Mitox products feature Full Crank engines, which utilise quality ball bearings at both ends of the crankshaft. This provides superior performance, lower vibration, and considerably longer service life when compared to Half Crank (single bearing) engines commonly used on low cost domestic garden machinery.
  • 2 Year Warranty: Engineered for durability, all Mitox products feature an extensive 2 year homeowner warranty as standard.

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