Echo ES-250ES Shred 'N' Vac Leaf Blower

Product Number: ES-250ES

€ 359.00

Echo’s ES-250ES Shred ‘N’Vac® blows, vacuums and shreds helping you clear leaves and other garden debris in no time! The leaf blower is powered by a 25.4cc professional grade two-stroke engine that features Echo’s Easy Start system for effortless starting. The ES-250ES can be converted to a shredder vacuum, shredding garden waste and reducing it by a ratio of 12:1.
Professional grade high performance, low noise 25.4cc 2-stroke engine
Easy Start system greatly reduces the pulling power needed on the starter rope for quick, effortless starting
Stage 2 compliant low emission engine
Anti-gyroscopic laterally eccentric blower tube
That’s a bit of a mouthful! But it basically means that the leaf blower tube has been designed so that the machine is much easier to handle. Most leaf blowers rotate in towards the user’s legs but the unique design of the ES-250ES reduces the effort required to stop this happening and in doing so reduces the stress on the user’s arm.
EZ lock for easy securing and disconnecting of the blower tube
Ergonomic, grouped controls
Heavy duty air filter for durability and high performance air capabilities
Exclusively designed asymmetric cutters
ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year warranty in professional use (registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty)

This model comes with free 2-stroke oil and a mixer bottle.

Engine displacement: 25.4cc
Dry weight: 5.6kg
Output: 0.7kW
Max air volume: 522/700m³/h
Max air speed: 67.5m/sec

Fuel tank capacity:

0.47 litre

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