Our range of accessories will make life in the garden easier and safer. We stock safety wear, strimmer nylon line & blades, fuel cans, knee pads and lots more!


€ 30.00

10 Litre Metal Fuel Can


€ 12.99

10 Litre Plastic Fuel Can


€ 45.00

20 Litre Metal Fuel Can


€ 7.00

5 Litre Plastic Fuel Can


Accessories to make your life easier in the garden!

Many of our garden accessories are designed to make those garden maintenance jobs easier. Take our two-stroke mixing bottles for example. A simple graduated bottle takes the guesswork out of refueling your hedge trimmer, chainsaw or brushcutter and ensures you mix the correct amount of two-stroke oil with petrol protecting the engine and potentially saving you hundreds of Euro. Our log saw horses make cutting firewood a breeze and our memory foam knee pads ensure comfort whilst weeding and planting.

Shop online for safety equipment for the garden.

We stock a range of PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep you safe while you work on maintaining your garden. Whether you are chopping up firewood for your wood-burning stove or pruning trees, chainsaw safety trousers, boots, gloves and jackets make the whole process and lot safer and are a worthwhile investment. Our face guards, safety goggles and ear defenders are useful when using many types of garden machinery protecting you from flying debris and the noise from a petrol engine.